Thanksgiving Napkin Knot - Blessed (Qty:10) - Napkin Knots

Thanksgiving Napkin Knot – Blessed (Qty:10)


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10 Napkin Knots per package.


Two sizes are available:

  • STANDARD features a 1.5″ graphic circle and is perfect for paper napkins with or without cutlery.
  • BANQUET features a 2″ graphic circle and longer cotton cord loop to use with thick catering linens with or without cutlery.


With one easy pull your cutlery bundles will be secure, festive and make hosting your Thanksgiving celebration easier and more festive.

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The Thanksgiving Napkin Knot – Blessed (Qty:10) are the perfect accessory to tie-together your Thanksgiving celebration. Easy-to-use and outrageously cute, use our Thanksgiving Napkin Knot – Blessed to secure your cutlery and napkin bundles. Napkin Knots are a fun twist to a napkin ring. 10 Napkin Knots per package.

Make your celebration easier while adding a special pop to your table.

How to use the Thanksgiving Napkin Knot – Blessed (Qty:10):
Slip the Napkin Knot over a cutlery bundle and slide the knot to secure. Will fit over cloth or paper napkins with metal or plastic cutlery. Printed on a durable card stock graphic circle and affixed to a  waxed cotton cord loop.  Click here to see our helpful how-to video!


Banquet (Qty:10) $11.99, Standard (Qty: 10) $9.99