Our Story

Tracy Ryan lives in Chicago with her husband and has two daughters, aged 20 and 17. Anne lives in Milwaukee, WI and she and her husband have four children ranging in age from 25 to 11. Tracy and Anne have been friends since they attended Marquette University together in Milwaukee, WI.

In the fall of 2015, Tracy and Anne went on vacation with their college roommates. Tracy mentioned an idea she had for a new product that sprung up after hosting three events at her home in a matter of weeks that had her running to a craft store and spending hours finding creative ways to bundle up cutlery. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a product on the market to tie up cutlery bundles in a thematic way appropriate to the event you were throwing? After the trip, Anne called Tracy and urged her to move forward with her idea. Tracy asked Anne to partner up and work on a design. In a few short months they had a prototype design and formed their company, Wells Street Creations, LLC. Using their connections with Marquette University, Tracy and Anne hired a brilliant graphic design student, an alumni printer and an alumni patent attorney. A small website featuring 12 designs was launched. In the fall of 2016, one year after the college roommate trip, Anne and Tracy launched a new and improved website featuring the ability to customize and create your own Napkin Knot.

Tracy and Anne are excited for the future and have many more ideas of how to expand Napkin Knots and add additional products that make entertaining more personal and less stressful. They have applied for a U.S. patent for their Napkin Knot design.

The story of Napkin Knots is based on creating life-long friendships, unleashing the creativity within us and facing challenges and fears head-on. It’s about two friends who had an idea and did something about it.