New Year’s Eve Teenage Style

New Year’s Eve Teenage Style


Tracy’s 17-year-old daughter complained before Christmas that no New Year’s Eve parties were in the making. As a junior in high school the idea of staying home with Mom and Dad as the clock approached midnight was horrifying! She asked if she could invite 10 friends over. No boys. We approved and the girls got chatting about what to do. Final results were a fancy pot-luck dinner, sparkly dresses, gorgeous hair and make-up, a night of dancing in the basement followed by a giant sleepover. A girls’ night dream. Tracy’s daughter got to work setting the table and decorating the basement. When she looked at the table she felt something was missing. Then she thought of the little circles her mom and her friend, Anne, have spent the last year creating and selling. Together they made Napkin Knots for the occasion and Tracy’s daughter admitted, “These Napkin Knots are kinda cool, mom. They completely pull together the table and theme. I think you are onto something.” Tracy smiled and thought, “That’s all the encouragement I need to keep going.” Happy New Year to all of our customers and followers! Here’s to a wonderful year filled with health, happiness and happy times with the ones you love.


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