Hosting a shower can be daunting. When? Where? What food? Do I need a game? Tracy faced all of these dilemmas when she co-hosted a bridal shower this summer and we’d like to share the process she used to plan and host a fun and memorable event.

Here’s the background: Tracy and Annie own Napkin Knots and have been friends since college. Annie’s oldest daughter was getting married late summer and another friend from college had a daughter getting married in the fall. So, Tracy and three friends decided to host a shower for BOTH brides at Tracy’s home and invite all their girlfriends from college and their daughters, no matter their age and no matter who in the group is coming to either wedding. The shower was all about multi-generation friendships and celebrating the beautiful Brides-to-Be. 

Every Adventure Requires a First Step

The shower committee (there were four of us) began Zooming a few months prior. We spoke with the brides to find a mutual date/time and finalize the invitee list. We sent out a “save the date” text until we found a formal invitation. Next step was to find out what colors the brides were using for their flowers and bridesmaid dresses: sage green and dusty blue. Great!  Those colors look wonderful together. We found an invitation on Etsy that we loved. We were able to customize the invitation and save a file to send to a local printer. We placed a framed invitation on the dining table.


We focused on the menu first. Since it was summertime, we decided to make the food light and healthy featuring ripe and seasonal ingredients. For appetizers we prepared a charcuterie tray and made a yummy hummus dip with cut-up vegetables. For the lunch buffet (which we set inside Tracy’s dining room) we selected focaccia, two salads, chicken skewers and a fruit tray. We moved the leftover appetizers to the dining table as well. We made menu cards utilizing art from the same Etsy seller we found for the invitation. We bought the stands for the menu cards on Amazon. A small centerpiece from a local florist featuring a mix of the brides’ colors added a beautiful touch to the table.


We stocked the bar with beer, wine, White Claws, High Noons and two signature drinks, named after the brides: Marvelous Megan Margarita and Extraordinary Emma Rose Punch. Both were a huge hit. We made six pitchers of each the morning of the shower and kept them cold in the refrigerator. We served the drinks in fun barware from Crate & Barrel.


We came up with our own game that we named, “Which Bride?”  The four hostesses brainstormed about twenty questions that we had each bride answer before the shower.  Examples include: How did they meet? Any nicknames for each other? Names of any pets? How many bridesmaids and groomsmen? How would you and your fiancé spend a free Sunday?  Then, we made signs for each guest with the brides’ names on each side. We sat the brides in chairs facing everyone and read out the questions such as, “Which bride tried on eight wedding dresses?” Guests would hold up the side of the sign indicating which bride they chose. Then the brides would each answer the question. The guests learned all about the happy couples and shared lots of laughs. We awarded two prizes for first and second place. 


The key to hosting a thought felt and memorable bridal shower is the personal touches. We featured the brides’ colors of sage green and dusty blue with our choice of cocktail napkins and cloth luncheon napkins. We placed pictures of the brides as toddlers and with their fiancées on the dining room table. Of course, we created a custom Napkin Knot matching the artwork from the invitation.


Two of the hostesses are talented bakers and made the desserts. We set up an assortment including chocolate chip cookies, cake pops, White Texas Sheet Cake and Italian Almond Cake for guests to enjoy while we played the game and the brides opened their gifts. The moms contributed toward a group gift for each bride. We wanted to select something from their registries that they would own for many years. Turns out both brides were thrilled to receive a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in their chosen color. 

The bridal shower was a huge success for so many reasons. The shower was the first wedding event for both brides. Being a bride is exciting but also stressful. This casual, friendly shower was just the ticket to ease the brides into being the center of attention and get them excited for the upcoming weeks of showers and parties leading up to their big day. The weather was hot but dry. The food was delicious, and the drinks were very popular. The shower also celebrated over 30 years of friendship, a gift to be cherished and celebrated in every way possible.  

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