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About Us

Tracy and Anne, two college friends who grew up and became busy moms, host many holiday parties, dinners and events and both like to make them fun and festive. Whether setting the Thanksgiving table for twelve guests or hosting fifty high school soccer players for pizza, one part of hosting seemed archaic and time consuming. The act of bundling up cutlery in a thematic and easy way involved numerous runs to craft stores and sitting at the kitchen table for hours cutting, taping or gluing. They decided that there had to be a better way to creatively tie up cutlery for a party. There had to be something between a DIY project and the silver napkin rings that they both registered for that were collecting dust. Together they brainstormed what is now known as Napkin Knots and now their idea is a reality.

Napkin Knots believes that every party, whether for ten people or one hundred, should look like it was put together effortlessly. We are committed to providing the products our customers need to make every occasion extra special.