Flower Border Monogram (Qty: 10)

Flower Border Monogram (Qty: 10)


10 Napkin Knots per package.


Choose Napkin Knot size and quantity of packages before customizing.


Two sizes are available:

  • STANDARD features a 1.5″ graphic circle and is perfect for paper napkins with or without cutlery.
  • BANQUET features a 2″ graphic circle and longer cotton cord loop to use with thick catering linens with or without cutlery.


We will email you a proof of your design for approval.

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The Flower Border Monogram (Qty: 10) are the perfect accessory to tie-together your birthday, wedding event or bridal shower. Easy-to-use and outrageously cute, use our Flower Border Monogram to secure your cutlery and napkin bundles. Napkin Knots are a fun twist to a napkin ring. 10 Napkin Knots per package.

Make your birthday, wedding party or bridal shower easier while adding a special pop to your table.

How to use the Flower Border Monogram (Qty: 10):

Slip the Napkin Knot over a cutlery bundle and slide the knot to secure. Will fit over cloth or paper napkins with metal or plastic cutlery.¬†Printed on a 1.5″ durable card stock graphic circle and affixed to a waxed cotton cord loop. ¬†Click here to see our helpful how-to video!