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Make a Memory This Easter

When my girls were much younger we moved to London for a two-year assignment for my husband’s job. We moved during Spring Break. Easter was two weeks away and my daughters missed their family very much. In an effort to cheer them up I decided to have a fun baking day. We walked to the […]


New Year’s Eve Teenage Style

Tracy’s 17-year-old daughter complained before Christmas that no New Year’s Eve parties were in the making. As a junior in high school the idea of staying home with Mom and Dad as the clock approached midnight was horrifying! She asked if she could invite 10 friends over. No boys. We approved and the girls got […]


What’s Missing on Your Thanksgiving Table

Anne and I have hosted many Thanksgiving dinners. Back when we were both first married we used our silver or gold (pewter wasn’t in style quite yet) napkin rings. It was so exciting to use new china, silver and crystal to set the table. Over time the metal rings just didn’t cut it.